Valley Forge Private Equity, Inc. conducts a thorough due diligence review and can provide access to private equity and private real estate opportunities to accredited investors and qualified purchasers. Since our inception in 2002, Valley Forge Private Equity, Inc. has successfully structured 13 partnerships allowing access to more than 20 vintage year institutional funds among 17 unique private equity managers.

Our investment criteria include:

  • Low purchase valuation for maximum growth
  • Strong management teams
  • No “start-ups” and no first-time funding
  • Proven track record

Proper diversification is often difficult to achieve with private equity since it seems the best opportunities are usually either closed to new investors or require millions of dollars per commitment. Our objectives are to provide diversification with low minimum commitment levels, as well as reduced fees. Co-investment at the partnership level has also been a great way for us to mitigate many of the fees of investing in this asset class. No-fee, or reduced-fee co-investments have saved our partnerships in excess of $4 million since 2002.

Our activities also include consultation for business owners considering selling their business. Sell-side representation by Valley Forge Private Equity, Inc. leverages knowledge of the private equity industry with a goal to find the most competitive terms and monetary offers.